Arts Africa

Khartoum Conference 2005 New Media Workshops Dance Workshop

People will never understand each other unless they share their way of thinking and living practices. We believe that the arts form a most effective instrument to start such a process. Intercultural exchange has proved to be a rich source for a dialogue between cultures and countries, and an adequate way to recognize both confrontational differences and shared experiences.

Stichting Arts in Development Sudan (Arts Africa) 

encourages a permanent cultural exchange between young artists from The Netherlands and Africa, with a special focus on Sudan.


The Foundation supports short and intensive artist-in-residencies in order to instruct the visiting artists in specific local artistic developments.


The Foundation develops a series of intercultural seminars where both young scholars and artists focus on a social problem, and search together for creative and artistic solutions.


The Foundation co-organizes the Winter University - an academic exchange program in Sudan offering new developments in the Sciences and Arts.

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