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Visit of Sudanese artists

In 2009 the Festival The Other Sudan took place in the Netherlands, between September and November, in different cities. (See Archive)

Theatre- and dance-groups of Walid Al Alphy and Stephen Ochalla, musician Abdel Gadir Salim & his all stars gave performances, Zar-mama’s and Weddingsingers from Khartoum gave insights in their ritual practices etc. etc.


In 2013 two young Sudanese artist visited Amsterdam for an artist-in residency. Ashraf Abdul Moneim, painter, and sculptor Awaad Eissa Awaad both teach at the College of Visual Arts in Khartoum. They visited relevant museums, art-institutions and Galleries and met Dutch colleagues. With filmmaker Alyaa Sir they presented their artistic work and video-films in the Rembrandt-house in Amsterdam.











In 2014 Dutch ambassador Suzanne Blankaart opened her residency for the work of these two visual artists. The exhibition was well visited and work was sold.


Mohamed Mustafa, who graduated at the College of Music and Drama (in Criticism) visited Amsterdam two times: in 2012 to work on a theater student festival journal and in 2014 to start his masterthesis on the connections between location-theatre and the postdramatic theatre.

He finished his thesis in March 2016