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Academic Exchange Program Sudan-The Netherlands


Period:  January 2-12, 2018

Sudan College of Sciences, Al Zaim Al Azhari University, Dongola University.



In October 2016 a delegation of Sudanese Universities (Khartoum and Dongola), including Dr Madibbo of Calgary University, visited The Hague. During a conference individual contacts were made with Dutch scholars and teachers. This project of Winter University is the first step in further collaboration and exchange between universities of both countries. It is a modest pilot-project to see what forms of academic exchange can be succesful in het future.



The program will offer 3 courses in January. Each course will last for 4 days with morning lectures and in the afternoon practical workshops and training.

All courses participate in a sociological approach with different perspectives and methods.


The workshops of Dr Kolk (Culture and The Arts) and Dr Willemse (Anthropology) unfold under the umbrella of Cultural Studies. As an interdisciplinary approach it sees cultures as a constantly changing set of cultural practices. In its analyses it concentrates on the social dynamics of contemporary culture, its historical foundation and its conflicts. As a critical theory it seeks to understand how systems of power and control work through social phenomena as ideology, class, gender, ethnicity etc.

New strategies of ‘reading’ and analyzing were developed in philosophical contexts of Post –sructuralism and Postmodernism leading into analyzing strategies in many disciplines within the Humanities.

Central in this approach were the concepts of ‘texts’ and ‘discourse’


1. Dr Karin Willemse: The Method of ‘con/text analysis’ for interviews and other biopgraphic data

Karin Willemse is professor at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication in Rotterdam and the African Languages and Cultures Department at Leiden University: specialized in Anthropology and History of Africa and Gender and Islam. Her dissertation was based on extensive research in Darfur: One Foot in Heaven: Narratives on Gender and Islam in Darfur. (Brill, 2007) She conducted many research projects in different parts of Africa working with scholars from Africa and Sudan. Her current project focusses on research into Nubian Living Heritage.


2. Dr Mieke Kolk : Analyzing Image and Text; the arts and its counter-discourses.

Professor Mieke Kolk teached Theatre Studies within feminist and intercultural perspectives  at the University of Amsterdam. She wrote several books on Theatre and Women and edited the books of the intercultural conferences East meets West, both in Europe, Morocco and Sudan. These books are available under:


3. Dr Frans van der Horst: Traditional and  Allopathic Medicine

Professor Frans van der Horst MSc PhD, is a medical sociologist, University of Maastricht. He studied cultural anthropology and medical sociology. His favourite research themes are experiental expertise of patients, health education, health care and relations between health providers and healthseekers reaching out in the domain of traditional medicine


January 1-5, 2018: Special for University of Dongola

4. Dr Mieke Kolk, Dr Ashraf Moneim, Dr Awaad Eissa, (College of Visual Arts) Mohammed Mustafa Omer master Drama and Performance, Ms Alyaa Sirelkhatim Musa master Film Studies London:

Teaching the Arts: Tools for Interactive Communication. 

In a masterclass project of 4 days each discipline will develop a series of lectures on theory and history of the arts worldwide, with a special attention for Sudanese arts. We will see how the ever changing relationship between art and life combined with political, economical and cultural factors during history. In theory we will discuss interventions of esthetic practices in daily life as forms of participating art, providing tools to reach out to special groups in our society.


February 2018

5. Dr Amal Madibbo: Qualitative Research Methodology

Dr Amal Madibbo is professor at the Department of Sociology of the University of Calgary, Canada.

She publicized articles and books, both in French and English, on  immigration, minorities, African identities etc. Her last book-publication is: Canada in Sudan and Sudan in Canada: Immigration, Conflict and Reconstruction. (Mc Gill UP, 2015)




Visit of Sudanese artists

In 2009 the Festival The Other Sudan took place in the Netherlands, between September and November, in different cities. (See Archive)

Theatre- and dance-groups of Walid Al Alphy and Stephen Ochalla, musician Abdel Gadir Salim & his all stars gave performances, Zar-mama’s and Weddingsingers from Khartoum gave insights in their ritual practices etc. etc.


In 2013 two young Sudanese artist visited Amsterdam for an artist-in residency. Ashraf Abdul Moneim, painter, and sculptor Awaad Eissa Awaad both teach at the College of Visual Arts in Khartoum. They visited relevant museums, art-institutions and Galleries and met Dutch colleagues. With filmmaker Alyaa Sir they presented their artistic work and video-films in the Rembrandt-house in Amsterdam.











Mohamed Mustafa, who graduated at the College of Music and Drama (in Criticism) visited Amsterdam two times: in 2012 to work on a theater student festival journal and in 2014 to start his masterthesis on the connections between location-theatre and the postdramatic theatre.

He finished his thesis in March 2016