Arts Africa

The Netherlands

University of Amsterdam: Theatre Studies; AHK:Theatre Academy Amsterdam, Education Department; HKU, Academy for the Arts Utrecht, Dance Academy Codarts, Rotterdam.

The Winter University connects the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Rotterdam, Wageningen and Maastricht.



College of Music and Drama, College of Fine and Applied Art of the University of Sudan for Science and Technology, Ahfad University, Al Zaim Al Azhari University, Dongola University, Sudan Academy of Sciences.

Since the Exchange program started in Sudan in 2005, there has been a long series of cooperation between Institutes of Higher Education both in the Netherlands and in Sudan. Universities, Art Academies and Colleges discussed with each other possibilities to receive teachers and students. Young artists and groups travelled for artist-in residencies and combined projects in different disciplines.


Next to visual artist from Sudan, photographers and performance artists  from Nigeria and Kenya came for, mostly, short crash-visits to Amsterdam.  There the ArtsAfrica foundation worked together with the YAA fund and the Thami Mnyele. African artists also travelled to Khartoum for workshops.


Outstanding was the development of the Dance-program of Codarts in Rotterdam with their Polish partner from Krakow, working together in Khartoum with the dancegroup Orupaap of Stephen Ochalla. The program that started in 2007 is still at work. Codarts did plan a special cooperation with  the Orupaap group in South Sudan.


Theatre-workshops, theory and practice, developed during nearly ten years supported by teachers from the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Theatre Academy, receiving staff and students of the College of Music and Drama in Khartoum. From Uganda Jessica Kaahwah came  to teach community theatre in The Netherlands and Finland.