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Between 2005-2013, the Foundation developed a series of workshops in Sudan on new art theories and practices. Workshops 2013-2017 are mentioned under PROJECTS.


The programme concentrated on:


Theatre Trainings in new reading and interpretation of drama texts, various acting methods, design and lightning strategies, and performance on location  led to new forms of theatre, aiming at special groups and locations. New approaches of community-theatre were offered in extensive trainings focussing on personal storytelling and interactive discussions with the audience.


Dance, or ‘movement-theatre’. The urge of a more physical theatre required intensive body-training of the actors and (folkloric) dancers. Choreographer and teacher Hilke Diemer brought her colleague from Poland, Jacek Luminski, for a series of workshops. Members of Orupaap dance and theatre group of Stephen Ochalla, originally from South Sudan, participated too. After the return of the group to Juba, capital of South Sudan, the Dance Academy Codarts in Rotterdam developed a programme for intensive cooperation to commence in 2014.


Music. Workshops about the history of western music history, and piano practices. Concerts by Marcel Worms.


The theatre workshops

The first workshop took place in the College of Music and Drama, University of Sudan, Khartoum, and aimed at developing an experimental Sudanese theatre text offering a diversity of disconnected scenes. After discussing terms like post-modern and post dramatic, participants developed their own theatrical reaction on the text.  Mieke Kolk, Universiteit van Amsterdam, January 2005.


A workshop working from book to performance concentrated on  Tayeb Salih’s Season of Migration to the North. Mieke Kolk, December 2005


A workshop Theatre and History. How to set up a production for a local community. A project was developed about  “the drowned city of Halfa” with the participation of the actors of the Bugaa theatre group. Mieke Kolk, March 2007


Workshop Arts Management, College of Music and Drama by Mohamed Omer Terwis, Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht. Workshop about organization of groups and productions, writing application for funding etc. November 2007


Alithe Thijsen, Dutch Art Institute, Enschede in developed a performance-project location theatre. With young artists from visual arts and theatre. February/March 2008


Masterclass dramaturgy by Mieke Kolk: Rereading Medea, a diversity of perspectives. How to find a new approach to a classic text. March 2008


Workshop Forum Theatre method/ New forms of community theatre Augusto Boal, by Dr Sruti Bala, UVA, Amsterdam with Justin Billy and Tariq Ali . College of Music and Drama. May, June 2008


Workshop for young theatermakers by Bruno Otten, director Theater and Education program of the AHK in Amsterdam, and Walid AlAlphy theatre-director from Omdurman . How to start to make theatre with only a theme and no text? February 2009


Workshop acting in theory and practice: Stanislavski. How to apply the nuances of psychological acting in daily theatre practice. How to find personal, new gestures to express individual feelings. Marcelle Meuleman and Mieke Kolk March/ April 2009


Workshop Stage Design and Lighnting by professional artists Tjallien Walma van der Molen and Henk Danner from UVA, Amsterdam. February 2010


Workshop Finding Stories: personal theatre for the community. It was given by Bruno Otten and Ilgun Abeln. Funded by the Student Art Fund in Khartoum, they worked for three weeks with 15 students on different locations in Khartoum and Omdurman. The end presentation about the The-mamma’s happened on the border of the Nile in Omdurman. September 2013















Dance-workshop 1, by Jacek Luminski, Hilke Diemer, Stephen Ochalla: Training in Modern and Traditional Dance-techniques, a first meeting. Preparation for the setting up of a Dance program in the College of Music and Drama.  Dec 27/jan 12, 2007


Dance-workshop  2. Choreographer Hilke Diemer starts rehearsals with the newly started dance-group to prepare a presentation for the opening of the Theatre Festival on March 27, March 2007


Dance-workshop 3 by Hilke Diemer (Codarts), continuing the training of the group of participants from Bugaa, the College, Folkloristic Dance-theatre and National Theatre. Invited by Ali Mahdi to open the Theatre festival on March 27 in the National Theatre in Khartoum, 2008


Dance workshop 4  by Hilke Diemer in cooperation with group of Stephen Ochalla, December 2008



Masterclass Music history: Shared Heritage in Western and Eastern Music, by Drs Neil van der Linden , expert Eastern Music. February 19- March 4, 2007, Khartoum. He will also mediate between music groups in Sudan and a Festival in Holland.


Artists in Residence: Music. At Amsterdam Conservatory. Dr Kamal Yousef will work with students and colleagues. Developing of contacts between The Sudanese College and The Conservatory for mutual exchange of teachers and students. April 15- 30, 2007


Masterclass piano and composing by  Mr Marcel Worms / Amsterdam at College of Music and Drama. October 2009

Piano concert in Khartoum.

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